Red Sun


Just came home from Salvo Camp yesterday~

I had a lot of fun, but so many activities were affected by the haze): Always loving water games~ and playing the water games somehow made the smell of the haze more endurable. Anyone felt the same?

Was allocated to 春 (Chun/Spring) with 9 others. Really happy with the grouping! People in Chun are so nice~ and we did a good job during the performance, so give yourselves a clap!

Okay la initially it was boring and BLAH until we separated into our groups and played games and discussed about the scores for our performance.

Lunch was Nasi Lemak! YUMZ~

then we had drums maintenance, which was outdoor and the wind was crazy and all. Newspapers and paint droplets were flying everywhere, but we had fun la hehe.

With Marissa!


Maintenance Mates~

IMG_20130619_161809 IMG_20130619_161815

Super cute ‘Burden’ YanQi



Toilet shot with Lydia and Marissa


YuanCheng XueQi and Hazel!


Jeremy and YC. Poor YC always doing forfeit. And its always Seven Wonders. We need more forfeits..


Last picture of day 1.

Then we had some amazing race thing. Final clash was the water game and it was when the PSI was at 290. The water games made the air so much refreshing HAHA

THIS CAMP FELT DAMN LONG I SWEAR. It felt like it went on for a long time but was only 2 days. Silly people like Hazel and YC forgot their sleeping bags hahaha. omg I’m so lucky I remembered just before i stepped out of the house >)

Slept in the meeting room and it was so damn cold. Shared my sleeping bag with Hazel so there goes my blanket HAHA.

Went to the Sports Complex to shower and then it reminded me of FO. Everytime I go to the Sports Complex I’m reminded of FO. Really wanna go back in time): miss Qunox so much PLUS I didnt get to go to the Qunox chalet):

ANYWAYY as I was saying before i sidetracked..We had supper and went back to our rooms and YC whatsapped me at 12.24am saying he was hungry LOL right after we had our supper. he can really eat I swear.

XueQi Hazel and I KO-ed right after we prepared our sleeping bags while the other girls were busy chatting HAHAHA. I could hear people going ‘Look at those three! Sleeping already!’ Sorry laa we were really tired okayyyy!

Because of the haze, PT was cancelled YAYYYYY


Went for a morning walk with XQ and Hazel


End of Salvo Camp

At like 12am or something I got a text from long time friend Shaun! 10 YEARS IS LONG. Im not even friends with the BFF for 10 yrs o.o Did some catching up and talking cock haha!

Stayed home the whole day today. Was suppose to start/finish up on my assignmentssss BUT THEN I GOT DISTRACTED :/ distracted by Jayesslee songs and covers. ‘Officially Missing You’ and ‘I Wont Give Up’ on repeat since 11 am. STILL PLAYING.

PSI level at 12pm was at crazy number 401. ): but its dropping now~ so YAYER! Im actually excited to go to school. This month’s electricity bill is gonna be damn high. Aircon 24 hrs cause of the haze.


Pepper, for some reason kept peeing today :/ so here’s Pepper in the bath tub!

IMG_20130621_155344 IMG_20130621_155323 IMG_20130621_165015‘Aircon’s too cold and I’ve got no blanket so I’m hiding under the dresser’


OMG IM SUPER OBSESSED WITH THE NEW INSTAGRAM FUNCTION!! INSTAVIDEO! Okay la my phone doesn’t support the function to make videos yet but i can still watch other people’s vids, and i really really really love baby Dash’s vids SOOOOOO CUTE and his eyes omg. I think I just died.

NAH I didn’t la kai wan xiao er yi

Dearies, please wear a mask when you are out okay! Speaking of masks…I don’t have one. Wish me luck uh. Should go get one soon. Drink lots of water! Honey water(; andandand bring an umbrella out please! You know, in case it rains…acid rain. By now you would realize that this post has nothing to do with the title hehe but the sun’s been really red these two days..

This is where the very annoying but catching ‘SAVE MY WORLD SAVE MY WORLD’ song plays. Super annoying I swear but its fun to disturb people with it mehehehe >)


And I, I’m officially missing you..


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