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Hello all!

This is a notice to let y’all know that I have shifted to blogger and changed the name for my website as well! Don’t worry, the posts here have been imported and I will still continue to post often! This WordPress will still be here in case I ever feel the need to shift back! Sorry for the inconvenience caused to my followers and readers!


I have posted a new post about my hair colour and what’s up for the past few days! Do head over to my new blog to read more!

Happy holidays!



People Day

Hello all! Yesterday was pretty much a ‘People Day’ for me HAHA! Met 4 different groups of people in 10 hours, that’s crazy. I finally got a chance to talk to the BFF and all the girls talk and going crazy over certain products LOL. We did lots of htht also and we couldnt find a place to sit cause all the benches around Tampines1 were removed to make way for the new shops ): Went up to the Open Area to avoid the cold aircon, but there werent any seats left cause they were all wet. We ended up awkwardly standing at the door talking. I dont even know..


Ohh i had my Oh Oh Tee Dee taken there too! i wanted to crop out the yellow box but the picture became all weird, its okay like that rightttt! I’ve been wearing my HWS/ Paper Bag Shorts (according to Regine) a lot.

After the random hth session with the girl we went down and saw this $6/ $12 Medi/ Pedi offer. Omg if we had the time we would totally do it. But I was rushing back to school ):




Went back to school for CCN meeting, it was really really awkward at first.. like super awkward, just the 7-8 of us sitting there and staring at each other. LOL but in the end we did talk a lot so thats good! I really like the ideas we have now hehe~

Right after the meeting ended I got a call from my girl, again about relationship problems. Aiyo, girl uh, when things become too much to handle, its time to let go. I literally rushed down to Tanah from school just to make sure she is alright LOL and then they ended up patching back, AGAIN. Then I was at the bus stop thinking of something to do while the couple go for their dinner.

I decided I needed food LOL. Met Michaela at Siglap for dinner and just random talking! Then we went to the Starbucks there. I swear if you hang out there long enough you start seeing people you know. practically everyone in Starbucks yesterday knew each other, and then there’s me .___. HAHAHA! But all’s well. People around me, almost everyone around me is picking up smoking. I dont hate it, I’m starting to accept it, I mean, thats the only thing I can do right? But I dont understand why la, I may never understand why hahahaha!


IMG_20130911_15Bus-ed home from Siglap, took me 30 mins omg. Passed by Simpang and yep I was right. Surprisingly.

I’m getting hooked up to GDragon’s songs again, Coup D’etat, 니가 뭔데 ( translated to ‘Who You’ I dont even know why..), 삐딱하게 , 세상을 흔들어 and 미치GO ( I know this is damn long ago, but I’ve only recently liked it). My favourite would have to be Coup D’etat and Who You. Ohh but I still Love That XX, One of A Kind and Crayon a lot.. I CANT DECIDE. I’m not much of a Kpop fan now, I mean I was never a crazy one either LOL I just like GD and 2NE1 songs a lot so yea.. 😀 Oh god this whole chunk is about GD, not many are gonna like this..


Happy Holidays (;

Lunch at Saveur [Edited]

Hello everybody!

I guess I’m being this really weird person here sitting at the interchange all wet and cold with my hair bunned up all alone while others are rushing so their bus HAHA. Yep, today’s been really rough. Thunder storm morning, got shouted at, spent so much time on my hair only to get it all wet and straight again -.-, walking in the rain WITH an umbrella but still drenched from waist down and got splashed by road water. Fingers freezing and hurting from the aircon in the bus and now, I dont even know how I look like HAHA.

Its just you guys, and me while I wait for the forever late BFF. LOL See la study at the other side of Singapore. YOU SEE LA. But oh well, just to see this girl for a while after so long, ITS ALL WORTH IT ♥

So I met up with Mummy, my brother and my aunt for lunch at Saveur yesterday (9 sept) Food there is always good la, and I used to think it was expensive, but this time it looked okay to me la hhaha!


I really love the Chilled Crab Meat Pasta. And as usual, I don’t read the menu into detail and got a shock when my pasta was chilled HAHA but all is well~


The Saveur’s Pasta, if I’m not wrong! I had this the last time and now, I prefer the Chilled Crab Meat Pasta better than this cause this is kinda dry..


I’m not sure what salad this is but I didnt really eat much of it. The quail egg was really cool though, its texture was quite different hahaha


Orders frog’s leg as well, and we totally did not expect it to be that small, or that little…like one bottom half of the frog..


For dessert we ordered the caramel lava cake. I love it so, so, SO much. OMG, please, if you go over for a meal order that as a dessert ok. It tasted like heaven, not that I ever tasted heaven… hehe. 

If you wanna give them a visit,

5 Purvis Street 
Talib Court #01-04 


14 Scotts Road 
Far East Plaza #01-07B

Went around orchard after that, nothing exciting. But I took a bus there, it counts right? I mean, I’ve probably never taken a bus to town before so its something new to me. Its been a long time since i went to town by the road (?), I’m always taking the train there and walking underground and in basements. I feel like I’m a mole that just came out of her hole LOL.

Ok, lets hope that today wont be so bad for me later on, will be heading over to school for a meeting! Lets go ~positive vibes~

Today was pretty good but I’ll update y’all on today tomorrow when I get all my pictures! This is what happens when you have a lousy phone camera and have to rely on all your IPhone and Samsung friends HAHA.

Sorry i have to post foor at this hour.. hehehe.

Sorry I’m not sorry

Hello Hello! Its gonna be a wordy post!

Its the Eighth of the month again and this time its 5 months into knowing Qunox! Time has passed really quickly omg. Probably because of tests and projects and exams. Its also been super long since I last met Qunox, as a whole. 

Anyway, so Saturday was a lazy afternoon day again haha, which Saturday isnt? Went over to Tampines Mall for dinner! And then to Watsons, where I literally went crazy hahaha. You know, Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector’s 20ml tube is selling for $15.90 but I found the 10 ml travel sized tube for $2.50? Yea I got a little crazy and swept the whole rack of 10 ml travel sized tubes HAHAHA.

Also caught Percy Jackson at 9pm! I guess the show is okay? Its not bad ah HAHA!

Today was kinda crazy. Was actually planning to bring Pepper to the park but the weather didn’t allow us to so oh well I slept in HAHAHA.

Got a phone call form my girlfriend and I flew down to meet her immediately. I guess I’m like this, if you want to be with my girl, you, as a guy should treat her well. Not take her for granted. I really wonder if you ever appreciated anything she has done for you. No guy, NO GUY, should ever walk away from a girl, should leave a girl there and expect her to run after you. NO. It just isn’t right. What pisses me off even more is when the guy is the one in the wrong and he doesn’t apologise, instead, he walks away. Wtf is wrong with you? Who in the right mind does that. I’m sorry but even though she is my girlfriend and you are her boyfriend, I’m still really unhappy about that action. My poor girl even waited for 3 hours, three whole hours, and you expect her to walk back to your house to iron things out. I’m sorry but NO. You are not a man, fuck, not even a male I swear. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Funny thing is that I can deal with all these, people come to me for advises, help and to talk about their relationship problems, but why is it that I can’t solve my own. fml, I really screwed up big time, probably gonna be mistaken as a creep but whatever uh, I really hate to say this but,


Teachers Day 2013

Hello everyone! Its been long.

Yesterday was a really tiring day I almost couldnt feel my legs haha.

Woke up pretty early for a holiday just to go back to BDS for teachers day ^^ Met so many friends and teachers, juniors and vendor aunties and uncles haha I kinda miss BDS. Just a little.


Went for the usual ‘find your teacher in the staff room’ hunt. OMG I miss lower sec days where we were all so close to our form teachers hahaha. Ms Lim’s still the same:D


Went to Mrs Djie, Mrs Djie is like a mother to all her students I swear. I really need to thank her for helping me with my science, HEHE. Picture taken with my girls, Michaela, Alicia, Regine and Venus! This kinda sucks, so many teachers are saying that I’ve grew chubbier :/ but that I look better than when I was skinny HAHA. ok, idk if thats a compliment or not.

IMG_20130905_132020 IMG_20130905_235304

Picture with Miss Abraham, still my natural instinct to avoid her HAHA. Scariest Discipline Mistress ever. But she’s still nice.IMG-20130906-WA0019 IMG-20130906-WA0020 IMG-20130906-WA0021 IMG-20130906-WA0022 IMG-20130906-WA0023 IMG-20130905-WA0082 IMG_20130905_132627

Super cute juniors!IMG_20130905_235230

Picture with Ms Lim!

Went straight to Plaza Sing to meet Sherryn, Makayla and Amoz for a movieeeeee! But we had late lunch at Ajisen first hahah!

IMG-20130905-WA0099 IMG-20130905-WA0100 IMG-20130905-WA0101 IMG-20130905-WA0102IMG-20130905-WA0104 IMG-20130905-WA0105 IMG-20130905-WA0106 IMG-20130905-WA0107 IMG-20130905-WA0108IMG_20130905_143700

My lunch! Shio Ramen and California Maki! YUMMMMMMMMMMY.

We went to Spotlight after that cause I wanted to buy some fabric and a Hot glue Gun. Ended up not getting anything there cause the glue gun was too expensive. Mummy got the cheaper one for me from ArtFriend ^^



IMG-20130905-WA0089 IMG-20130905-WA0092

Happy Halloween!


Typical Sherryn. So princess.


The Purge! Its such a thrilling show! go watch kay!~~




We went back to Plaza Sing after that cause there was nothing much to do at The Cathay. And we went to DAISOOOO


We found the Qunox Helmet!


This is probably the closest I can get to going back to Qunox FOW times ):


Hello, Im from Qutie Qunox!

After Makayla and Amoz left we went over to Far East Plaza~ SHOPPING TIMEEEE

I finally found a cheaper price for the Victoria’s Secret’s Sheer Love OMGGGGGGGG SO HAPPY~

IMG-20130905-WA0084 IMG-20130905-WA0090 IMG-20130905-WA0091 IMG-20130905-WA0093 IMG_20130905_232358

Tadang, took so many pictures since the start of the holidays and there’s my VS SL HEHE


Today was really cold so I slipped pepper into an old tshirt. SO CUTE.

IMG_20130906_190938And finally, spent 3 hrs making my own laptop sleeve with the fabric I got from UK 2 yrs ago! I LOVE IT~ teehee.

Happy holidays everyone!

1.1 Done.



I’m finally done with my exams woohoo~ Surprisingly the paper was super easy. I did read abit about the things tested but I didnt read into detail. SO THAT SUCKS. But overall the paper was easy.

Went to Bugis to meet my baby girls who do not want to take pictures with me): Shopped till I literally dropped. I was falling onto every chair I saw HAHAHA!! Headed outside the National Library to have a break sit down, eat, talk, rest. Then we went to ArtFriends~ Went to look see look see if there is anything I can get for my room. Then we walked all the way back and to Arab St and Haji Lane. Guys, my feet almost dropped off from my leg. They are hurting so much from all the walking omg. We went to Arab St to look for some fabric and Haji Lane for random atas window shopping LOL. I really need to go to PlazaSing’s Spotlight. I wanna get some Fabric and a hot glue gun/ fabric glue cause I’m lazy to sew.


Outside the National Library


Was contemplating on buying the shoe on the right, but I didnt.. I actually really want it now:/ No, 39 is NOT my shoe size. Was also looking for VS’s SheerLove and omg Regine has the small travel sized bottle of it ):


Got a pair of HighWaistedShorts from the shop in the level 2 bridge! OMG LOOK AT THE PATTERN ON IT


DINOSAURS~ Cutest pair of shorts I have ever seen HEHE. And we did bargain a lot with the lady and in the end we did get a discounted price! Yay for being a cheapo!

Thanks to Lucas I’ve become obsessed with Floral Caps -.- Seeing them everywhere and I’m so, so, so tempted to get one. Of course not the authentic one la HAHA. but yea, Floral Caps are cute. PERIOD.


Brought my Polaroid Cam to school for the last day of 1.1 to get a picture with the clique~ 

Gavin and JunLong aren’t in the pictures though..

I’m gonna miss this bunch of people! But We’ll be meeting soon for outings~ TEEHEE

Came home and KO-ed for two hours, and that two hours had been the most comfortable sleep I have had since the start of study week. Oh and I also can’t wait to go ack to BDS on Thursday! So exciting~~



Last lap.

Hi guyssss!

Sorry for not updating yesterday! there was really nothing much LOL. My life = boring. hello somebody please spice up my life! HAHA KIDDING. 

Tomorrow’s the last paper and I can’t wait to leave the exam room hahahahahaha! Meeting my girls tomorrow, I can’t wait~

Slept at close to 4am this morning to some what comfort the depressed friend LOL. yea and my dear friend, I woke up at 1245 when I’m suppose to be up at 930. Decided to watch some videos and then time passed really quickly. wtf I started studying only at 3… good job Winnie. But then again, during my long break, caught up with Qunox ^^ sighh I miss them):

My hand hurts from all this typing cause I was writing so much ): i better do well for Introca tomorrow, 35 mcq better help me pass at least. Did I mention that its my last paper tomorrow??????? I think I did, I’m not sure.. my brain is fried. Ok. I shall end here hahahah. Really nothing much has happened.. Boring. 

ohh I’ve been into decorating and organising my room LOL I think I’m gonna redecorate my room during this vacation ^^

Okay happy studying for the last few papers all! And happy holidays to those who have already ended!!